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Welcome to my page

John Matthews

Thank you for visiting my donation page.

Fighting lung cancer is very dear to my family and me and I appreciate your support for our ride this year.




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1. SSSAP Software Solutions
2. LSLee Sobotkin
3. TThe Cookies
Ok... so Roger did get on Deena’s bike and logged 6.5 miles, despite the uncontrollable seat and his fairly recent brachytherapy, GO Roger! Then Deena estimated she traveled 9 miles pedaling on a little floor contraption at PT this ENTIRE month, in 10 minute sessions, WOO HOO! So the Cookies are donating $5 a mile x 15.5 miles (Around the world in 20 years at this rate). THANK YOU dear FRIEND for ALL you do to SAVE lives! We are riding hard so everyone can breathe easy! OX The Cookies
4. AFAon Foundation
5. MTMegan Truax
Thank you John!!!
6. ARAustin Ransom
So proud you represent the SAP family of concerned people in support of finding a cure for cancer. Go! Go! Go! Diane & Austin Ransom

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