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From the Pyrenees to the Atlas


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We are raising money for “Ride Hard Breathe Easy”, to help lung cancer research. During the summer, different groups will be cycling in different parts of the world for RHBE, to raise money and awareness for the most lethal form of cancer. This cause is dear to us, and we appreciate all the support we can get!

This summer, our team (LaReMarra) will try to cycle from La Redorte (near Toulouse), in the South of France, through Spain and along the Atlas range to Marrakesh, in Central Morocco.

Together we can make a difference! Thank you!
Best Regards

Thomas, David, Eric and Bob Cummings
Team LaReMarra



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1. SSStephan Sack
Kudos to the entire team, what a ride! I tribute my respect.
2. PRPetrina Angela Ratty
Well done to you all xxxx
3. ?Anonymous
4. RSRalf Strassner
Really great what you guys achieved!
5. OSOlaf Schönfelder
All my respect!!! I'm quite impressed with what you achieved so far! I whish you all the best for the rest of your trip. Happy to support your case!
6. SLStefanie Lebailly
Great ! So many causes in the world to engage've chosen and we support you ! Come home savely ! Stefanie, Thierry and Daniel