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  1. Our mission is to "End the stigma and suffering for lung cancer patients and caregivers, in memory of Kathleen Matthews".
The outdoor portion of Ride Hard Breathe Easy 2018 is complete!  Thank you for your support, in particular to the riders and drivers who made these 1885 miles happen!  Also, thanks to Telit and SAP for providing a way to easily find and track the riders.  Great job!

And a big thank you to Lung Cancer Alliance for their warm welcome at hte finish line.  It was truly a special end to a great ride. 


You can be part of the Ride Hard Breathe Easy Challenge.  November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month, and the Challenge is to ride enough miles (24,901) to circle the globe, together.  ANYONE can ride ANY BIKE for ANY DISTANCE on the road, on a stationary bike or spinning, and there is information on the Bike Ride Information page on how you can participate.  If you are on Strava, join the club "Ride Hard Breathe Easy" so we can count your miles.  You can join our club by clinking HERE.  

  1. The money raised will again go to The Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation and Lung Cancer Alliance and will focus on improving access to quality screening and care, accelerating more personalized research and treatments, and educating to end the stigma associated with lung cancer. 

      Contact John Matthews at if you have any questions.

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