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  1. RIDE HARD BREATHE EASY 2018 begins on August 23!
  2. Our mission is to "End the stigma and suffering for lung cancer patients and caregivers, in memory of Kathleen Matthews".

    The pictures above highlight some of the great memories for the ride in 2017, and ANYONE can ride in 2018.  There will be three rides where you can participate
    1 - We will start from Saint Joseph Prep in Philadelphia on August 23 and go on a five week, 2,600 mile loop to NJ, NY, Boston, Columbus, KY, NC and finish in Washington DC.  If you want to join along the ride, contact  
    2 - Host your own Ride Hard Breathe Easy where you live, and go for a long ride over those 5 weeks.  And then tell us about it on social media
    3 - Join us in November, Lung Cancer Awareness Month, where ANYONE can ride ANY BIKE for ANY DISTANCE.  During this Ride Hard Breathe Easy Challenge, we will ride enough mile to go around the world (24,901 miles) and there is information on the Bike Ride Information page on how you can participate.  If you are on Strava, join the club "Ride Hard Breathe Easy" and we will count your miles.  


Please go the RHBE Blog site to get current information

  1. The money raised will again go to The Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation and Lung Cancer Alliance and will focus on three areas:
  1. 1 - Improving access to quality screening and care
  2. 2 - Accelerating more personalized research and treatments
  3. 3 - Educating to end the stigma associated with lung cancer

Please contact me at if you have any questions or if you want to be involved!

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